Content Journey

Is Instagram already dead?

During the last couple of years, Instagram changed a lot. We have to fight against an algorithm, bots, decreasing followers, and low reach. Is it still a good platform and what is the main benefit of Instagram? Is Instagram going to be the next Facebook with an inactive and old target group?

Instagram is a company offering a service for free. I’m not sure if everybody understands this to 100%. The usage of Instagram is totally free and there is no premium program or a hidden subscription model.Let’s imagine you are an author. You write successful novels and all over the world, people enjoy reading them. You have to invest a hundred thousand to print the books but you give them out for free. 

So the main interest of Instagram is to keep the users as long as possible on their platform.

I know that’s not the best example but it gives a quick inside the current situation on Instagram. They decided to integrate advertisement in their books and of course, it’s questionable if you should show ads on every second page but that’s their way to monetarize it and to pay their bills.

So the main interest of Instagram is to keep the users as long as possible on their platform. Because if they stay longer they are going to see more ads and that means more money. And if we know this situation and try to understand the algorithm it could be a great solution to work with the algorithm. How can add value to my work? Is it possible to make people sharing my content? 

How value works on Social Media:

  • Information (facts, hacks, tips, turoials)
  • Motivation (motivate people to do and create something)
  • Entertainment (make funny, sharable or emotional content people can relate to)

And I think it looks much harder than it actually is. Let’s take my Instagram profile as an example. I try my best to entertain with my ideas, illustration, and to spread some positive vibes in my story. I often end my stories with the words”Stay creative” and I hope people feel a bit more motivated after it. With my process videos and time-laps posts, I try to teach people drawing or creativity. That’s my informational part for the people watching. I guess you liked at least one of those things and started to follow. That’s the whole magic…

Follow for follow, like spams or stuff like that isn’t working in 2020. But the platform’s interest will always be to promote content that holds the users’ interest and attention. What is your way to bring value? If you find an answer to this question every algorithm of the world is in your team.

Stay creative!