Become a digital artist!

You would like to know how you can turn the ideas in your head into cool illustrations and beautiful artworks? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered all my knowledge about digital illustration and produced 3 courses in English and German to provide you with all the skill and information you need to become a digital artist. This project was a big dream of mine and now I’m super excited to see you in class!

Mega bundle!

You want to start your career as a digital artist? Great! This bundle is the perfect starting point. Learn to sketch the ideas in your head, draw them in Procreate using textures or turn them into vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator.



Choose your language!

We filmed all the videos in English and German. The content of both courses is the same so you don’t have to worry about missing even a single tip no matter which language you pick.

From scratch!

The perfect starter set for every beginner on the iPad. Learn how to sketch your ideas and to complete them in Procreate. This bundle includes the courses Sketching and Procreate.



Thank you!

This project was a huge dream of mine ever since I started my Instagram account in 2018. Now it’s live and I can’t wait to see all your creative artworks and be part of your growth. See you in class!