First of all a huge thank you for your time and the interest in my person. So cool to see you here on my personal page. I’m Samy, 23 years old, living in Stuttgart (Germany) and I try to show my journey. I’m a highly addicted and passionate designer, illustrator and I discovered the great possibility to inspire others. With all my projects and work I’m trying to make you feel something. The amazing chance you have as an artist is to share your view of this world with only a few lines. In every single illustration or design, I want to put in all this magic and I’m searching for people who want to follow this Creative Journey. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you are a consumer of my social media project, a reader of my book, a visioner with a great idea or a future friend with a heart project. If you are really interested to join this Creative Journey it would be awesome if we change a tiny part of this world.