I grew up in a small city in South Germany. I don’t know who the client for my first character design job here was (probably my mum) but I loved playing around with pencils back then already. This satisfying feeling as they move back and forth a white piece of paper and a simple idea is coming to life.



While other kids delivered newspapers or moved the lawn, I earned my first money on the still young video platform Youtube. It felt like I discovered a secret universe with endless creative opportunities and inspiration wherever I looked. I was hooked!



I entered my communication design studies in Stuttgart with a clear goal in mind: turning my passion into an actual job. The university courses allowed me to learn everything about design, professional videos, pictures, animation and illustration. Then, after two years of studying, I decided to spend all the money I had been saving for years on my first iPad.



After graduating in autumn 2018, I designed my first professional website and kept creating content for my first portfolio and my Instagram account. The dream of being a professional illustrator was still there but if it wasn’t for a life-changing call with Alexandra, my agent from the representation agency DieIllustratoren. This opportunity changed everything!



A lot of things changed throughout the years like my art supplies, colors or ideas, but one thing never did. I always loved creating content and turning my stories into artworks, designs and videos. When I’m looking at the path that has brought me here; at the projects I had worked on and at the creative team around me today, I’m very proud and happy. If I could travel back in time to the moment I clicked on the upload button, I would whisper into my ear that this journey that’s about to start is going to be wonderful.