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TikTok – Why it’s your biggest chance

TikTok is loud. When I began to immerse myself more and more into the new platform two weeks ago, I realized that TikTok is especially one thing: loud. But after those two weeks, I truly believe that it’s one of the greatest possibilities for every creator, creative, and entrepreneur to earn money, promote a product or service, and find new clients. And in this article, I’m going to explain why you should start today!

First I would like to explain to you the massive chance that comes with this new network before I’m going to show you three of the most common myths about TikTok. So first of all, is the current hype justified and why are so many people talking about TikTok?

TikTok is a very fast consumable video content platform. Comparable to the story features of almost every other platform it shows you videos of creators you are following and on the flip side trending videos based on your taste. About one billion active users are hyped about this new platform and it brings some crazy new features with it. 

With TikTok, you are always one video away from being a star. Obviously, every creator’s dream is to achieve quick growth. On Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Co. it’s so hard because it’s difficult to find new people for your content and to build an audience. But every new TikTok content piece you are uploading is going to be analyzed by TikTok in different containers. 

First, the platform shows it to about 300 people. If your watch time is good and the people interact with it, TikTok opens the next container and shows it to about 1000-2000 people. If it performs well this chain is endless. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your fiftieth video. It doesn’t matter if you have 100k followers or one.

The potential is huge but why are so many people still hesitating at the moment. There are a few myths and things you should know about the platform I’m going to argue in the upcoming lines.

TikTok is an app for stupids kids. 

That’s the first mistake you should avoid. The general vibe of the platform is indeed dominated by very young people. You are going to face so many dancing children and I totally understand if you don’t want to support such a movement or that you feel uncomfortable with the content creation. 

TheBut I would argue that it’s like on every single other network out there. If you are new and create a new profile, the app dictates you the first content you are going to face. They haven’t any collected data and try to analyze your taste. You are going to face so much trash on a newly created Instagram or Youtube account too.

It’s about you to optimize your profile and to help and train the algorithm to present relevant content to you. And after half of an hour of following a few people hashtags and stuff, you are going to see that the community and the creators are so different. They are much older and more professional. And you are going to find so many other talented creators, a thing that is nearly impossible on the other established platform.

My content doesn’t work on TikTok

For me as a 2D content creator and illustrator, it’s so relatable when people say that they haven’t the possibility to create videos. It’s hard to think about a concept and to take the step in front of the camera. Especially for companies, it’s a tough challenge to find that one person who would like to show their face on there, but also for every other person, it could be a huge obstacle to perform in a video.

But it’s like the first Instagram story. Just do it! I discovered completely new possibilities to present and explain my work. I found new ways to bring my illustrations to life and I discovered a completely new level of marketing and Personal Branding. No topic isn’t filmable, there are only creators who don’t want to find a way.

TikTok users aren’t my target group

As an entrepreneur, you are investing your valuable time and a good investment shouldn’t only consist of giving. It’s important to get something back. I’m going to talk about this mindset in a future blog article but in my opinion, it’s a game of probability. I think the best thing about a successful brand on Social Media are the new possibilities you are getting through your value. 

There are a lot of people on this platform and the potential is huge. The only obstacle is to find your target group through your content. In the long term, it is also an investment. Build a community now, grow with it during the next years. TikTok is going to change dramatically and your community as well.

I understand that it’s hard to decide which platform deserves to be the priority. Is it better for me to focus on Instagram, my blog, or my Facebook page? Is Linkedin the better invested time or should I go on Youtube? That’s hard to say because in my opinion you haven’t to decide because you were able to handle all those platforms easily with the right strategy. In the beginning, it’s hard because everything is new and you have to establish your routine. But after that, it’s really easy to manage it.

But I would go much further. TikTok is the biggest chance for every artist and entrepreneur. It’s the fastest growing platform and it´s winning more and more relevancy day by day. It’s up to you to download the app and to give it a chance. Of course, it isn’t easy but is it easy to build a personal brand on Instagram? Is it easy to develop a Youtube fanbase or a Facebook group? It is not! But it’s possible and a massive privilege of the time we are currently living in. 

Stay creative!

PS: Can’t wait to see you on TikTok! My account