Business Journey

More creativity, more money!

Rick opens his MacBook with a sigh. Before the lunch break, he worked successfully on a lot of different things but now he is heading one of his most disliked to-dos. His task is to check all the new possible cooperations with other freelancers and companies. The mailbox is almost exploding at the end of every single week. 

So many new people presenting their work. With a boring view on the surface of his display, he is skipping through the tone of new portfolios, emails, and inquiries. But also the third mail is trash and like the common stuff. Rick isn’t an enemy of new connections in general. Quite the contrary, he urgently needs a few new contacts but he always gets the same stuff. 

I guess that the amount of Ricks out there is much higher than everybody of us is expecting right now and with this article and the blog I would love to help you to optimize your service, art or company to crush it and to win every single Rick as an admirer of your brand.

The market out there is full of opportunities and people who need talents. But compared to the world twenty years ago we have so many more professionals. The democratization of tools, like the decreasing costs of the Adobe Cloud or the cheap possibilities for everybody to build their own website, made the game more equal and tricky.

The growth on Social Media is much harder, the world is dictated by algorithms and clients are everywhere and nowhere, especially at the beginning. But I don’t think that we should blame contemporary changes. I would argue that’s the greatest time in human history.

Of cause, we have to practice and train creativity like a muscle.

Because this change is such a huge chance for creatives. For people who can produce creative content or offer some creative solutions and services. So the question these days should be: „How can I add the most value and creativity to my product or service?“ That’s the basis of every single Instagram post, logo design, business idea or illustration.

As you may be noticed in the description of this blog I wrote that I truly believe in the power of creativity and that I think that it’s learnable. I observed so many artists, visionary experts, and professionals that I released creativity is no god-given talent, but rather a mindset. Of cause, we have to practice and train creativity like a muscle. A way to think isn’t easy to establish but it’s worth every single second.

Creativity is also really underestimated at the moment and that’s a massive chance for every person who tries to focus more or completely on this topic. In a world surrounded by information, it helps to develop unique ideas. And when we try to define what creativity is, I would argue that it‘s always a combination of old things (includes all your memories, feelings, thoughts) and new stuff (technology, topics, craftmanship, services, and products). 

So if you decide to focus on creativity it’s a protection against other people with the same skill set.

And the special thing is that your thoughts are unique. There’re a few thoughts other people have too but the combination is only in your head. So if you decide to focus on creativity it’s a protection against other people with the same skill set. Even if they try to use creativity as a tool they will develop different ideas.

So we know that creativity is pretty important, that it’s learnable and a mindset thing. And in my future posts, I would love to tell you more about how. Would you like to join this Journey?

Stay creative!