Creative Journey

What is creativity?

“You are the creative one, you should write it”. We all know this one guy, who always has to write birthday cards. But well — is anybody creative just because he or she is good at writing cards, knitting scarfs or doing handicrafts? No, it’s not what creativity really means. Creativity is so much more than that. And I know it’s quite hard, to define and explain it. But I’ll try my best, so come and join the journey trough this abstract world.

It’s a mindset.

In the beginning, I’m going to start with the basic fact: creativity isn’t just to express yourself. It’s a mindset. Especially an open mindset for every single detail. For creating output it’s essential to realize, how important input is. How should something come out, if nothing comes in first? 

How should a paper shredder have an output if there is no paper for it? And this input shouldn’t be just getting inspired or watching some stuff. This input is like soaking up all those things you can find. That’s what creativity as a mindset really means in my opinion. Try to focus on the inspiring stuff and soak it up.

The second step is the combination: Creativity means combining old things in a new way or with new stuff. That means to employ all the things you soaked up. Maybe put it together with things you already have in your mind or with skills you are able to do — or maybe with trying completely new stuff. For example combine ‘old´ technologies, services or products.By the way: the old things can also be your feelings or memories. Not just things that someone has already created.

And that’s why creativity isn’t applicable to just one part of life, for example drawing or making videos. It’s applicable to every part of your life. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s cooking, playing football or meeting other people, because it’s a lifestyle! 

It’s a lifestyle.

And that’s the reason, why I’m not just convinced, that creativity is a mindset, but also truly believe that it’s a lifestyle. Combine completely different parts of your life together and benefit from them. And you will see how everything changes. And after a short discussion at the front door, you are the creative guy with the birthday card and the pencil in your hands.

Use the inspiring input together with an awesome new combination as output and change the world. Especially yours!

Stay creative!