Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.

by Theodore Levitt
“RE-Event” – a variable corporate design

Is it possible to recognize the visual language of a brand even when it has multiple names and logos? Which parameters do you need and how far could you go on the abstraction scale?

Multiple names – Different logos

The topics combined with a designed version of the RE are in the grid the final logo. The abstraction decides if we understand the message or only link it with the brand if it’s not our first contact.

The final logo is a variation of the nine topics and a huge number of RE’s.

Different Logos -Different shapes

First of all, it was a big challenge to handle the handicaps of a changeable branding. But when you’ve got the solution it’s so awesome to use the multiple styles in every media.


The feeling of an event shouldn’t only come over when you are there. In every media, you should feel curiosity and discover the new experiences.

Social Media

To use social media is more important than anything else today. People want to discover the brand and its a great chance with such a different kind of branding.


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RE-Event I a variable Corporate Design by Samy Löwe from Samy Löwe on Vimeo.