Eprimo – an illustration world

Wouldn’t it be cool provide green energy for every single house in Germany? That’s exactly the mission of Eprimo and I had the awesome opportunity to create a logo character and an illustration world with over 50 artworks.



The whole illustration world and the character development were part of a complete Eprimo rebranding. It’s always a special task to integrate important details that are vital for the brand and their customers on the one hand and to upgrade it with a modern look on the other hand. After the successful process, the amazingly talented Rino Pelli started to bring the characters to life with a stunning logo animation.


The illustration style consists of a green landscape and different settings or buildings in it. The organic shapes in the background underline the corporate design and the logo character.

The challenge Eprimo was facing is easy to explain. They have a great and sustainable service but it’s very hard to find a visualization for it. To create an emotional customer relationship it was essential to create an illustration world. This toolbox has to provide simple messages and should also explain complex topics. It was an honor to design this world.