Character Collection

The character process is one of the most interesting things when it comes to illustration. Starting with a first sketch, your creativity is the only limitation. Different proportions, drawing and clothing styles, gestures and colours – all of it makes the character unique.


3D Character

The character development gets even more interesting when you go with your illustration to the next level. It’s super cool to see these bright characters in a detailed 3D world.  If you want to discover more illustrations in this style you should definitely check out the whole cooperation I did with Alex Broeckel and our “Samy & Alex” project.


Trading cards

Who didn’t love cards and stickers in their childhood? Collecting and trading them, and also the feel of rare shiny trading cards was the inspiration for creating my own card design concept.

Different styles

At the very beginning of my design and illustration carrier I tried to avoid character design for the most part. It was super hard to compete with other illustrators with a photorealistic style. But with time I came to realize that character design, rather than being an imitation of our world, is more like a playground for our creativity.