Bethel Children’s Center

We had the honor of creating over 1000 illustrations for the new children’s hospital in Bielefeld, Germany. Bethel contacted us to develop an overall design and illustration concept that would appeal to all generations and cultural backgrounds.

20.000 ㎡

A space filled with the best doctors and modern technology, dedicated to the holistic well-being of children of all ages.


Illustrations are placed throughout the building, visible from the entrance to the patient rooms, divided into six climatic zones.

South Sea







We developed a minimalistic illustration style and added outlines to provide the animals with a natural habitat. The lines can represent both the horizon of an African landscape and the surface of the ocean.


Depending on the surroundings, the illustration style allows for adaptations and different versions in terms of details. The minimalistic style, combined with outlines and shapes, offers numerous possibilities.

Workshop with kids

It was a pleasure to create a colorful illustrated world based on the drawings and ideas of children who have experienced hospital life themselves or through their siblings. Children between the ages of 5 and 18 participated in the workshop in February 2022 and provided a clear direction.

“I don’t want to feel alone in the hospital, and animals are never alone! They spread hope and hold together.”

Workshop attendee (7 years)

1,5 years

between the briefing in February 2022 and the final opening of the hospital in August 2023.


Each illustration can be found only once in the hospital, making them quick navigation points.

“If my work helped at least one child feel better during a difficult time, all the effort was worth it. Working with these little heroes showed me the value of life.”

Samy Löwe


Big projects become even more special with creative individuals sharing the same mission. The art consulting agency Samuelis Baumgarte coordinated the project and managed the cooperation with other artists such as Hannes Trüjen or Heike Weber and Walter Eul.

Another important cooperation partner was SIS, which developed a navigation system throughout the hospital to assist visitors in easily finding their way to their intended destinations.

The German company Wallpen implemented our concept and printed the illustrations directly on the wall. This innovative technique is scratch-resistant, providing vibrant colors and high resolution.

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