Sketching course

Are you struggling to sketch your own ideas? Is it hard to handle light and shadows? 🤯

I had the same issues at the beginning of my illustration career but then I learned that sketching doesn’t have to be photorealistic and perfect. We will learn tons of useful tricks and discover powerful assisting tools to improve your sketching game!
⭐ 6 big lessons
⭐ over 5 hours of video footage
⭐ 2 bonus lessons (Colours & design basics)


What you need: an iPad + Sketching app of your choice (I use Adobe Sketch/Fresco)

FREE lesson!

Sketches don’t have to be perfect! In this lesson I’ll teach you a few simple tricks how to turn your ideas into cool sketches without the struggle of photorealistic drawings. Start now!


Light & Shadow

Learn everything about lighting. The contrast of light and shadow makes your sketches more lively. We are going to talk about liquid and dynamic shapes as well as perspective.

We’ll start from zero!

Even something as complex as the human body consists of balls and cubes! We’ll learn how to use these assisting shapes for your next sketch! We’ve also produced two awesome bonus videos for you! You’re in for a treat!

Start your journey!

I would love to see you in class! We prepared lots of stuff to learn and discover so that after this course you’ll be able to share your ideas with the world. Are you ready? Let’s go!



The perfect starter set for every beginner on the iPad. Learn how to sketch your ideas and complete them in Procreate. This bundle includes the courses Sketching and Procreate.