Ai for the iPad course

You are interested in vector illustrations but struggling to understand the technique and you don’t know how to start? 😟

I felt the same in the beginning which is why I created this video course with many lessons to teach you every single tool in Adobe Illustrator step by step. Watch the videos as often as you want, design together with me and become a true master in Adobe Illustrator!
⭐ 6 big lessons
⭐ over 5 hours of video footage
⭐ 2 bonus lessons (logo design & shortcuts)


What you need: an iPad + Adobe illustrator (App Store)

FREE lesson!

I’ll show you how to create this banana illustration in Adobe Illustrator on your iPad. This is going to be the perfect start into the vector illustration world. You’ll find all the important assets below!


We start from scratch!

We’ll begin with a simple “getting started” tour and discover every tool step by step. You will find the colour palettes and sketches for each illustration in the download section of the course!

Create and manage

I’ve never shared my open illustration files before. With this course you’re getting full access to my workflow and insights into how I structure and manage very detailed and complex illustrations.

Every single tool!

We’ll use every single of the Adobe Illustrator tools for 6 unique categories of illustration. Each video has different exercises so you can practice until you feel confident in everything!

Start your journey!

I would love to see you in class! We prepared lots of stuff to learn and discover so that after this course you’ll be a true master in Adobe Illustrator for the iPad!


Mega bundle!

You want to launch your career as a digital artist? Great! This bundle is the perfect starting point. Learn to sketch your ideas, draw them in Procreate or as vector files in Adobe Illustrator.