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Why you need other creatives?

Let’s talk about creative relationships today! But what’s that? And why is it such a great enrichment for your life? We are facing creativity and relationship every single day. For some people, it’s a hobby or a talent and if it makes fun we try to do it together with others. But is this the real meaning of creative relationships? Honestly, then I wouldn´t have any relationships of that type! I love being creative but doing handicrafts is absolutely not my thing. Maybe together with my nephews if they ask me to build a plane out of the old cardboard. However, handcrafting is definitely not my favorite thing to invest my time in. 

Luckily, doing that isn´t the meaning of creative relationships. Creative relationships are more about the encounter and creatively inspire each other. It’s about the joy and the energy you feel if you talk about your favorite Netflix series or your favorite hobby. When you find a person to talk about your weird hobby and you start to realize that the other person has the same passion. If you start to dive deeper into the topic and you start to develop together new ideas about everything. If you learn to use this energy and find those people you would like to connect with you will find a few rare gems.

And the best thing about contemporary time is a great opportunity with social media, digital communication, and video calls. Honestly, the best way to connect with people is face to face in my opinion. If you are a little bit more introverted or you are struggling with finding the right connections the internet is your friend. If you focus on the people there it’s a great start and you can integrate those connections in your real life. But how can I turn my still existing relationships into those creative ones?

The most important thing is to check if a relationship is worth investing in. Think about them and try to judge if are they good for you and is it worthwhile to spend effort on them. I don´t say, that you have to break up with any person, just because he or she isn´t good for you and to follow the plan to collect more inspiration in your personal surrounding. It’s all about the focus you are setting. Some of your current relationships, which have a positive impact on you deserve more attention and you should invest in them. Start with only one and not with everyone at the same time!

Don´t make the mistake seeing a threat in each other because of comparing.

The second really important thing is to recognize the impact and benefit. Be thankful for it and appreciate it. I know, thankfulness and appreciation aren’t new things. But as we know creativity is the combination of old and new things in a new way (If that’s new for you – you should definitely check my thoughts about creativity here). So maybe, it´s a creative way to live thankfulness and appreciation in relationships. 

Let’s talk about the inspirational aspect of creative relationships and why it can be a huge impact on your life and work. Try to see and to focus on the things, you can benefit and learn from each other. Don´t make the mistake seeing a threat in each other because of comparing. It could be really helpful to search for people with other key skills but different interpretations. For example, as an illustrator, you search for a designer or as a singer you try to connect with some musicians.

Share your skills and build valuable connections.

Maybe because of that, you are able to learn something or you don´t have to learn something for yourself. Why should I be great at singing perfectly and better than a friend, if he is a great singer and you are an outstanding piano player? Share your skills and build valuable connections. Respect other people’s skills and your combination will be mind-blowing.

So last but not least I want to inspire you to try to live your relationships in new combined ways. It doesn´t matter if it means to try something new or just to meet each other with a new attitude. I can’t wait to read your thoughts and stories. Start today and you are going to see fascinating results.

Stay creative!