Creative Journey

The key of success for every creative

I’m not sure if you had similar feelings at school but I always felt excited about starting a new exercise book. The fresh blank pages felt like new magic after lifting the cover and I allways tried to work on the perfect looking exercise book. For sure it isn’t possible to achieve but I had the goal every single time. 

Today it isn’t the old heap of math formula or history dates which motivates me to try to do things perfectly every single time but I guess it’s really important to find this new blank page in your process – no matter what you are doing! In my case the new page opend a few days ago…

A few weeks ago my girlfriend, my best friend and I went to an Apple store around the corner. During the last couple of weeks I watched almost every single review or critique of the new iPad Pro on Youtube. Surprise, surprise I couldn’t resist. One hour later and with a brand new iPad I walked out of the Apple Store and knew that this is my new blank page. The last time I had this feeling was after my decision to start my„CreativeJourney“ and to upload a creative illustration every single day. But after two months I needed a new exercise book, a new challenge, a new level. I started to figure out„Procreate“(anew and better program for drawing) and made a new vision and mode board for the next two months. 

How could I make my work better, more professional and more likely for the people? I know that a lot of people have huge problems with judging themselves. They think they are to bad and nobody would like the things they do or they feel like Pablo Picasso after finishing one sketch. To know his own status quo, the direction you would like to move forward or the goal you want to achieve is the key of a professional creative.

So if you don‘t know your next step or how to reach the next level, try to find this new blank page. Try to come up with new ideas and ask your followers, friends or other creative and honest people around you! If you reset your being as a creative every two moths you will grow much faster than in any other case.

Would love to hear from your process!
 Be creative!



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